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From: Jana Beutlerron holland

Hi there. I'm Jana Beutler, Founder of the Curvy Woman Workout and I have a question for you.

Are you like most Curvy Women who are sick and tired of fighting the scale, and tired of obsessing about silly numbers and sizes? Are you tired of gaining and losing the same 20 pounds, only to find it creeping back in strange and - well, unattractive places?

If your body has changed over time, or you notice that things just aren't like they used to be - then you probably know by now that


They're not for average women who are just starting back, or carrying a little extra weight. But don't be discouraged. Cuz I'm going to let you in on a little secret.....

The SIZE of your body isn't the problem.

If you don't agree that what you see on TV is unrealisitic for 99% of the population, then this may be a message that you need to hear. And now. You see, here's another secret - Although you may not ever be a size 2 (or even want to be!) the SHAPE of your body is more important than its size. And no matter what size you are right now - if you want to re-shape, lift and enhance the curves that you've got, then

Losing weight isn't the solution.

What you're about to hear is our proven results-getting fitness solution that is perfect for lifting, re-shaping and toning your body... keeping you curvy at any size. If you want to be shapely and sexy, with curves in all the right places, without focusing on your weight, then Keep Reading. You're in the right place.

But before you read another word of this letter - Start by watching this video - and witness the amazing results of our Curvy Woman Workout - real results from real clients who went from flabby to fabulous in 6 weeks or less.





Let me tell you a little story about someone I know. In fact, this is MY STORY...

imageYes, I have a story. I'm a real woman, with real-life challenges and struggles like everyone else. And one of my challenges hit me almost to the day of my 40th Birthday. I woke up, looked in the mirror, and assessed my now-40 year old body. And what I saw was shocking! I hardly recognized the body in the mirror as MINE.

Jana before 1I knew I had gained a few pounds. I knew I hadn't been making enough time for my workouts. I knew my eating habits had slipped. But I DIDN'T know how my once "curvy" shape had morphed into a flat-butted, poochy-tummied stranger! I was flat and - gasp - saggy. And I certainly didn't feel SEXY.

And I was ashamed. I mean, after all, I was a fitness professional, and owner of a fitness company, and I was literally 'out of SHAPE.' My hips were a little too wide. Arms too soft. Butt too flat. And I had lost that "hourglass" shape and gained some extra "stuff" right around what used to be a waist. Yes, I was still curvy, but - let's just say, the curves weren't all in the right places.


jana afterWhen I realized that I HAD to something, I started with the common "I Need to Lose Weight" spiral. I thought I knew what to do. So I did more cardio. Took up Yoga. I went on a "diet" and I lost a few pounds.

But I didn't get my figure (or my sexy) back! It was then that I realized that it wasn't the SIZE of my body that was an issue, it was the SHAPE of it that I needed a solution to! And I didn't want to obsess about the numbers on the scale!

So I sucked it up and asked my team, and what we came up with changed my life.


how I changed my life

I was frustrated with lack of energy and extra weight gain from stress, getting older, and some thyroid issues. I wanted to make a change, but I wasn't at ALL interested in aerobics, the gym scene, or workouts for "cardio queens."

I said to my team of trainers in my gym that I wished there was something out there for people like me: women who were sick and tired of obsessing about weight - but still wanted to tighten up the butt and slim the hips, lose some fat around the middle, and get some sexy shoulders. And I didn't want to spend hours at the gym, so I wanted fast workouts I could do on her own that would incorporate both cardio and strength training.

There was Just One Problem...

didn't exist

So we sat down and got to work, and what we came up with was the Curvy Woman Workout - a 6-week program that blended both cardio and strength training in fast, effective workouts that didn't require machines, "cardio" sessions or "weight training."

Using our "secret weapon" we developed a series of workouts that focused on a woman's "curvy" areas - the hips, butt, waist, and upper arms. And the best part of all is that because the workouts are WAY more efficient than typical, body part exercises, women are able to target ALL those areas with just a few exercises - and do it in a way that provided cardiovascular and endurance at the same time.

Enter the Kettlebell.

perfect solution

curvy woman workout products

I knew it was the answer. A few simple moves done with the right level of intensity would provide a great cardio workout, while targeting all the "problem" areas that needed a littly gravity-defying lift - without touching a dumbbell or a machine!

We were excited. We had designed a program that would work for women like her. The focus wouldn't be weight loss (although I knew she'd lose weight...) She would feel and see the changes in her butt, tummy, shoulders and upper arms.


dangerous curves ahead
dangerous curves ahead


Together we designed the 6-week kettlebell program for Curvy Women, developed a realistic nutrition plan, designed off-day workouts and ways to track progress.

And the result was - well, nothing short of amazing.




And I was so happy, I insisted that we share it with clients.

curvey women fitness program

With our program, you won't focus on the length of the workouts, or the number of exercises that you do, or even the number of 'sets' or 'reps.' We don't have to.

Gone are the days of workouts where you do sets and reps of one exercise that targets one body part. Who has that kind of time? I hate to tell you this - but if you do traditional 'weight training' and spend time doing bicep curls, and leg extensions, then you may be wasting your time.

Yes, those exercises will strengthen and tone that body part, but it will take you forever to see results, and you will spend a lot of wasted hours in the gym that you don't need to spend.

Why do an exercise for your arms, and another for your shoulders, and another for your butt, if you can do one single exercise that targets them all at once. AND gets your heart pumping, offering a better cardio workout than you can get on an elliptical?

but what about my cures

With our "Secret Weapon" the kettlebell, you don't have to worry about losing your curvy shape or getting "bulky." In fact, the reason why we love kettlebells so much is because it is by far the most effective tool for blasting fat all over, AND giving you an amazing transformation in your "trouble spots."

With our specially designed 6-week plan for women, you can enhance the shape of your body, giving you sexier shoulders, amazing arms, a leaner midsection, and shapelier hips, thighs and butt.

And all in about 20 minutes, without spending hours on an elliptical or doing boring reps on a machine. And YES, you'll burn a ton of calories.


I am! And I'm Ready to Get My Sexy Back in just 45 days

Finally.... You can STOP focusing on what you WEIGH. Because as I'm sure you agree, it isn't about the weight after all. It's about the excess FAT that you want to lose.

With my program, you can actually stay OFF the scale and focus on having a toned, firm, and fabulous body.... at any age, and any size. (But don't be surprised if you lose a ton of fat in the process!)

And WHERE you'll lose the fat is exactly where you want to - around the belly and hips, giving you more of that hourglass shape you like (and men LOVE!)


Check Out Everything You Get With This Progam!


nutrition success manual


6 Weeks of fun, energizing Curvy Woman Workout plans that I personally designed to target those special areas of a woman's curvy body!


meal plans


A full 6 Weeks of detailed Meal Plans and Recipes to make your 6 week program a breeze to follow! Our Registered Dietitian custom designed the 45 Meal Plans in accordance with our specifications, and they are specifically designed to work with your cardio and Curvy Woman Workout plan for the full 6 weeks. (Delivered as downloadable ebook.)


nutrition success manual


Get bonus success tips, explanations, and guides for following the workout and nutrition program that we've designed for the Curvy Woman program!

AND get full access to our complete online exercise library, with video demonstrations of each and every exercise found in the Curvy Woman program!




Get our Kettlebell for Women Manual, as well as complete access to our entire video library of kettlebell instruction, exercise videos, and tutorials. Everything you need to know about training with kettlebells, and why it's a woman's most effective tool. Includes a Special Bonus section on exactly what you'll need, and how and where to purchase a kettlebell.



cww blog curvy womens workout


Exclusive Members-Only Access to the Curvy Woman Workout Blog, with Recipes, Motivational tips, Success Stories, Workouts, Interviews and Videos


cardio plan


6 Weeks of Curvy Woman Cardio Workouts for you to follow, along with your training program, for outstanding results! Take the boredom out of your cardio plan with our unique, varied custom-designed Cardio Interval Workouts specifically designed for the Curvy Woman 6-week program!




amanda beard#1 - Our interview with client Amanda Beard, an American Olympic-level swimmer and model on women's fitness, maintaining motivation and drive, and her own story of getting her body back after having a baby.



jody #2 - Our interview with our client Top Dermatologist and International Speaker Jody Comstock, on successfully juggling family, career, and time for yourself and your fitness.

chanel#3 - Our interview with client Celebrity Fashion Photographer and Makeup Artist Echo Chanel, who has lost over 40 pounds with the Curvy Woman Workout, as she shares her fitness and beauty secrets for looking your very best at any size.
nutrition journal


Get our Downloadable 6-Week Food and Exercise Journal template, to log your workouts and your nutrition, and track your progress!

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We're so sure you'll love the program and get incredible results, we're offering a 100% no-hassle Money Back Guarantee!

With our guarantee, you've got NOTHING TO LOSE but unwanted body fat and some inches in your midsection!



curvy woman workout products

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guaranteeThat includes the 6-week results-oriented workout program, meal plans, success manual, and tons of extras to get you on your way to a firmer, curvier (and sexier) self!

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We know you CAN do this. Just let us show you how.

Jana Holland

ron jana holland

Jana Beutler, M.Ed.
Life Coach and Personal Trainer


P.S. This special offer is limited to the first 50 who respond. This is the first time we've made this program available to the general public. Don't wait to be one of the first to experience this special new program - especially for Curvy Women!

P.P.S. There is NO RISK at all for you to try the Curvy Woman Workout. If you aren't thrilled with the decreased workout time and increased fat loss and energy in 6 weeks, let us know and we'll refund your order. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. The Curvy Woman Workout is trusted by women everywhere, and I guarantee it will work for you too!

P.P.P.S. Keep in mind that personal training would run you at LEAST $70 per hour, and this program is a huge savings off personal training or even group training rates. Don't miss this opportunity to try out this new program -



NOTE: The Curvy Woman Workout product contains downloadable e-books and materials. No physical products will be shipped. After you order, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to download the e-book and all the bonus reports onto your computer. The e-book format is Adobe Acrobat PDF, which can be viewed on Mac or PC.

Please read our awesome disclaimer: Yes, these are our real clients, who got awesome results by following our program. Due to recent statements from the FTC, it is required that we identify what a "typical" result is. The truth: mamy people don't follow programs they buy, so for most, their typical results are minimal at best. The biggest factor is you. Of course your results may vary. The only way to know is to try it and stick to it!


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